Care Mobile Phone Sanitizer M3 - Black

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Care Mobile Phone Sanitizer M3 - Black

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How to Use:

1- Put the phone into box, press the On/Off button, the wireless charging function supported.

2- Press the Disinfection button, it will start working and the LED screen shows the disinfection process, when it coming to 100%, means the disinfection is completed, takes 5 minutes.

3- Simply add a couple drops essential oil or perfume inside, press the "Aromatherapy" button, it would start diffusing which would take 5 minutes. Then it is automatic voice after aromatherapy is finished, also the lamp is coming to 100%.

4- Press the On/Off button, charge your cellphone on USB charger with a USB cable.

Safe Instructions:
  • Keep the unit far from flame, water and Corrosive chemicals.
  • Do not clean the unit with organic solvent
  • Type: Radiation Equipment, Lightweight
  • Size: 225*123*45mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions of Unit: 220mm*125mm*55mm
  • Dimensions of Inner Cavity: 180mm*100mm*22mm
  • Disinfection Power: 2W
  • Max Power: 9W
  • Max Capacity: 7 inch mobile phone